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Designer & Workaholic

Hey, What's up?

Hi! I'm Carlos. Allow me to introduce myself. I am a full time digital designer; extremely enthusiastic in the details and glued to my monitor all the time while...

Building, researching, prototyping, air drumming (or drumming my actual drum set), studying, and over all, enjoying and falling in love with every project I run.

I believe in design and the power good design has to change our day in a blink. I believe in good photography and the right choice of color and font (I believe I can fly…) I also believe that music can change us forever and make us travel into time in seconds like Marty McFly… 

I’m currently living in Madrid, working on awesome projects and trying to change the world at Barrabés and/or my beautiful house. So if you need some help don't hesitate to write me.

A funny way to express your feelings, try Carlitox's Stickers, you're gonna love it. You can tap to send stickers in a thread, adjust their size, or peel and place them on top of bubbles, other stickers, and photos.This is the first part of this pack of iMessage Stickers, so enjoy it!